To fund the publication, we are seeking 500 subscribers to order the book in advance. The edition will number about 1000 copies. Each subscriber will be mentioned in the book by name, with their city or website. The book will have about 240 pages, all in colour. The maximum retail price in bookstores will be about 25 Euros. For subscribers only there is a subscription discount of about 30% on the book. We are presently in the calculation phase of production and will provide exact details as soon as possible.

To become a subscriber and order your copy in advance:

1. Send us an e-mail to (

2. We will keep you informed about the number of subscribers to date and about publication details and developments.

3. When the number of advance orders received is at 500, we will check with you again.

4. As soon as the book is printed, we will send out copies and invoices.